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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject [Vote] Greg Monroe as a Torque committer
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 22:47:11 GMT
Hi all,

I'd like to propose Greg Monroe (Greg.Monroe@DukeCE.com) as a committer to 
Torque. He has contributed many ideas and patches (both bug fixes and 
enhancements), is very active on the Torque Mailing lists and is currently 
establishing the Torque-addons project at SourceForge.

Please cast your vote:

[ ] +1 Greg should become a Torque committer
[ ] 0 I don't care
[ ] -1 Greg should not become a Torque committer (please give reasons)

Voting is subject to the rules in http://db.apache.org/decisions.html.
The vote closes on Sun, 19 Nov, 23:00 MEZ.

This is what Greg writes about himself:
I started programming when I learned Fortran (on punch cards)
in High School. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Purdue
University, but after co-oping (work semester/school semester)
with IBM, I found that I loved computers more than M.E, and
added an associate CS to my major (full CS would have added
a year to college, but I got in the basics Pascal, C, APL, and
some I've forgotten)

After college, I followed my girl friend (now wife) to
Duke University and got a job in the business school's
Computer Education Center.  There I got a wealth of
experience. This included:

- Being a System Programmer for an IBM Mainframe
   (VM/SP, PROFS, BitNet, Assembler, PL/I, SAS anyone?);
- Being the point person on that new fangled PC/LAN stuff;
- Being the technical architect for the Computer Mediated
   Learning Environment, a pre-HTTP faculty/student
   collaboration system (Solaris, E-mail for all, NNTP, Gopher,
   FTP, 1200Baud Dial-in, and more);
- To being part of the team that developed an early Web-App to
   support the first major B-school's distance ed. MBA program.
   (it used the HAHT Application server, part Vbasic..ugghh..
   part this new thing called Java-(V0.9 I think) that a very
   experienced Lisp/SmallTalk guy talked us into/trained us
   right in OOP.
- The school sold this to a Silicon Valley dot.bomb company
   called Pensare, and the development team spent a year working
   with these folks as they converted it to an early EJB app on
   Netscape's Application Server.

After 17 years, I moved to a B-school spin-off company called Duke
Corporate Education. Where, among other things, I (re?)inherited
the Pensare platform after the company died and Duke bought back
the rights.  I am currently the architect, developer, chief
bottle washer for the ground up redesigned replacement system
that is customized for our Exec Ed business (the other was more
for curriculum based programs).  This uses Torque as it's OM

FWIW, I am currently finishing up a Torque implimentation of
jForum's DAO (data abstract layer) so I can integrate it into
our application. (and have offered it to the jForum Team...)
So keeping Torque healthy and useful to all is important to
me both personally and professionally.


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