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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Old torque bugs from scarab
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2006 07:19:53 GMT
Jeff turner has imported the old bugs from Scarab into jira, they can be 
found in


The question si now whether they should be left under a separate key, or 
whether the issues should be bulk moved to the current Torque project.

I have started to look through the open issues (beware: you cannot use 
the standard "outstanding" filter, as the resolution is set to 
"unresolved" for all issues which were not changed in the meantime), and 
resolved those which are fixed, and set those to "wontfix" which make 
suggestions which do not fit into current Torque architecture. If you do 
not agree with a change I have made, please complain.

Note:currently no change mails are sent to the torque mailing lists, so 
whenever you want to discuss something, also mail to torque-dev to direct 
people to the spot.

Note2: Many things (e.g. comments, attachments) were lost in the 
export/import process, becaause the old version of scarab we were using 
left out many fields on the TSV export.

My personal impression is that many things are still relevant to Torque, 
but most are "things which should be hcanged" and not many explicit bugs. 
So I'm still divided whether we should keep the old issues separate or 
not. Any opinions ?


P.S. I'm away on vacation next week. I'lll look though the remaining 
issues when I'm back.

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