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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: Proposal: Supporting local and add-on Generator "Override" jars
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 08:29:34 GMT
"Greg Monroe" <Greg.Monroe@DukeCE.com> schrieb am 03.08.2006 18:06:40:

> I've been looking at how to package, document, contribute
> my betwixt map/dtd generation code.  As Thomas pointed out,
> it's not truely mainstream Torque but might be a useful
> addon. Anyway, this got me thinking about how to best
> support template and/or generator local modifications or
> add-on.
> If the generator build scripts supplied by the Torque
> distro had classpaths that first tried to add any
> *-override.jar files before the distro files, then
> Templates and generator classes could easily be locally
> overriden.  This is trivial to do with the Ant
> torque-build.xml.  I assume that it would be easy in Maven?

I like the idea, however, I do not see that the implementation is trivial
even in ant (but maybe you can enlighten me there). There are two ways to
support templates, the first is to look in the classpath, the second one is
to give a single directory. Both ways are handled internally by velocity.
How do you want to modify this behaviour?

All you can do in ant you can do in maven1 also. Maven2 is a different


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