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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Proposal: Supporting local and add-on Generator "Override" jars
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 16:54:08 GMT
This seems good to me. Two minor ponts though:
- Is there a reason that the jars should be called *override.jar ? I'd 
find it more natural if all the jars in the override directory would be 
- Perhaps it would make sense to use two different build properties,
one for the jar directory, and one for the unpacked directory.
But I do not think they are crucial, so whatever seems fit to you...

Would you mind to create a patch, together with the necessary 
documentation ?

As concerning Maven 2, there will be a maven2 plugin in the following 
release. However, as maven 2 does not yet support class path ordering as 
it seems (http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MNG-1412), overriding would not 
seem possible for maven at the moment. I'll have to check about using the 
classpath in the maven 2 plugin anyway, cannot remember if it is supported 
or not.


On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Greg Monroe wrote:

>> Thomas Fischer said:
>> I like the idea, however, I do not see that the
>> implementation is trivial even in ant (but maybe
>> you can enlighten me there). There are two ways to
>> support templates, the first is to look in the
>> classpath, the second one is to give a single
>> directory. Both ways are handled internally
>> by velocity.
>> How do you want to modify this behaviour?
> Hmm, I'd forgotten about the non-classpath variation.
> Supporting that variation probably can't be done. But
> I'm not sure it's needed if there's a way to use the
> classpath to override any or all templates in the
> distro-jar. This is the preferred/distributed method
> after all.
> That said, here's the state of my thinking/testing
> after including your "allow non-jar-ed template files
> scenario. I was originally just thinking just jar
> files, but having editable local templates would be
> great for developing stuff.
> First, there'll be one new optional build property,
> called:
>    torque.override.directory
> If set, this should point to a valid directory in your
> project. E.g. ${torque.output.dir}/local-mods.
> Any file in this directory endings in "-override.jar"
> will be added to the classpath used by Torque tasks.
> Also, if there is a "templates" directory, this will
> be added as a directory entry (e.g. classes type entry).
> These are all added prior to the distribution jar files
> so the ClassLoader/ResourceLoader will find stuff here
> first.
> So, if you want local (or contributed) modification to
> any of the generator classes or templates, just create
> the directories with your jars or template files and
> set the new property. Then regenerate stuff.
> Below is the Ant "magic" to make this happen. FWIW, I've
> learned enough about Maven 1.0 now to duplicate it
> in the that script. So that's not a problem.
> Thoughts about doing this in Maven 2.0? (But it's not
> "officially" support it yet.. so is this a new release
> condition for the folks working on this?)
> ------------------------------------------
> <!--
>    Ant complains if fileset directories don't exist,
>    so make sure that the torque.override.dir point
>    to a valid directory.
>    Not Set Default: $torque.lib.dir value
> -->
> <condition property="valid.override.directory"
>           value="${torque.override.dir}">
>  <isset property="torque.override.dir" />
> </condition>
> <condition property="valid.override.directory"
>           value="${torque.lib.dir}">
>  <not>
>      <isset property="torque.override.dir" />
>  </not>
> </condition>
> <path id="torque-classpath">
> <!-- Add in override directory stuff -->
>  <pathelement location="${valid.override.directory}/templates"/>
>  <fileset dir="${valid.override.directory}">
>    <include name="*override.jar"/>
>  </fileset>
> <!-- Normal distro classpath info -->
>  <fileset dir="${torque.lib.dir}">
>    <include name="**/commons-collections-3.1.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/commons-lang-2.1.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/log4j-1.2.8.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/${torque.jar}"/>
>    <include name="**/velocity-1.3.1.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/village-2.0.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/xercesImpl-2.6.2.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/xml-apis-2.0.2.jar"/>
>    <include name="**/*.jar"/>
>  </fileset>
> </path>
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