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From Thomas Vandahl <thomas.vand...@tewisoft.de>
Subject Re: Plan to enhance Database Mapping info
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:02:18 GMT
Greg Monroe wrote:
> I've mentioned several times in the past that I planned to take
> Henning's Mapbuilder-init proposal code he submitted 2+ years ago
> and update it to work with the latest version. Well, I've finally
> found some time to do this.

It looks all very useful to me. Please go ahead.

> 1) Create a way that the full DB map can be initialized based on
> Henning's proposal.  This would involve the <DB>Init class (ala H)
> and couple of new Torque/TorqueInstance methods like:
>   Torque.getDatabaseMap( String DbName, boolean init )

Please keep in mind that the Avalon interface (Torque/TorqueComponent) 
should be updated as well.

> 2) Modify the Table OM, Peer, and Map objects to include symetrical
> methods so that any object can easily get the other two (via public
> methods.)  E.g., Peer currently has getOmClass() and getTableMap()
> methods.  But getTableMap() is protected and should be made public.
> The Table OM class has a getPeer() method, but probably should have
> a getTableMap() convienience/symetrical method.  TableMap needs
> getOmClass() and getPeer() methods.

What about the managers? Maybe I'm the only one who uses JCS caching, 
but I would love to see them considered...

This would require some getManager() method in all objects and 
getOmClass(), getPeer() and getTableMap() in the managers.

Just one question for my understanding. Why do you need special 
introspection code if you can have Beans generated? Could you give some 
example where this is useful?

Bye, Thomas.

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