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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: [Result] [Vote] migrate from Scarab to jira
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 13:21:09 GMT
Most of your arguments have been considered in this decision. You might
also want to check the last discussion and vote on this half a year ago,
which has not passed:

The reasons for my personal decision are the following:
The apache subprojects do not have their own infrastructure, but the apache
infrastructure team provides and maintains it. I am very grateful for this,
because it allows me to keep focused on improving Torque. Most members of
the infrastructure team have been at least reluctant to do anything to
maintain scarab, let alone to migrate it. There are a couple of reasons for
this as far as I can see. One reason might be that there are two other bug
trackers at the moment, (bugzilla and jira) which are much more heavily
used than scarab. Of these, bugzilla is also open source, so any projects
who wish to use an open source bug tracker can do so. Another reason might
be that noone on the infrastructure team is sufficiently familiar with
Being grateful for the apache infrastructure team's work, I would like to
give something in return. Half a year ago, in a flash of enthusiasm,  I
have offered to help maintain the scarab instance, but it dit turn out that
I did not have the time to do it given all the things that need to be done
in Torque. So the least thing that the Torque developers can do is to make
their work easy, in this way in helping to decrease the number of bug
trackers which they have to support.


news <news@sea.gmane.org> schrieb am 09.02.2006 13:19:46:

> > The vote has passed.
> This is a shame. And I think the wrong decision has been made. Honestly.
> First and most importantly JIRA is not opensource. This should be a a
> considerable concern for open source developers.
> Second, scarab uses torque. Projects should "eat-their-own-dogfood".
> Third, is that Scarab IMHO is more advanced than JIRA. At work we are
> considering moving from JIRA to Scarab, even though we have paid (the
> expensive, $10,000) license, simply because Scarab offers more than JIRA
> can. JIRA is bugzilla all over again forcing you into there way of doing
> things. Scarab let's you *really* design your own workflow. I've been
> using JIRA that last month and have been vastly dissappointed. Very
> restrictive issue heirarchy to start with! BUT this comparison is against
> Scarab's trunk, it would not be true against the last beta version even.
> The scarab version you guys have been using I would not even recognise
> anymore, so much has changed. Lack of momentum I don't think so. Check
> the nightly test installation if you don't believe me. Scarab's
> performance has also been largely improved.
> mick.
> ps Scarab also provides subversion integration.

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