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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Versioning the site skeleton
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2006 15:09:12 GMT

with our current organisation of the site with the site opening in a new 
window, the current svn organisation of having an "unversioned" "site 
skeleton" does not fit the reality any more ("unversioned" means that 
there are no branches, and the iste is not tagged if a new release is 

When the next release will be done, the current version of the site will 
open "as a whole" in the new window, and thus also the state of the "frame 
site" is archived (otherwise, the navigation would have to be regenerated 
for the old version, and we decided to avoid that). So, in fact, the site 
skeleton is also versioned, but not in svn. I'd like to propose to version 
the "site" subproject in svn (i.e. create a trunk, branches and tags 
subdirectoy, move the current content to the trunk), and include the 
"docs-all-components" project in the site skeleton.

This will have a couple of advantages
- The unnecessary distinction between "docs-all-components" and "site"
   will go away
- Relevant changes have to be done in the site skeleton for a new Release
   (updating links, the navigation etc.). With a tagged site, the old
version if the site could be restored easily.
- We can include the site in the "trunks" directory without creating
- We can use the trunks/common/project.xml also for the site, and include
   the developers and contributors list in trunks/common/project.xml
   instead of site/project.xml

NB: This would be just an internal restructuration to simplify the project 
structure. It will not change anything in the final site (except a few 

What do you think ? If I do not hear any objections till next Friday, 10th 
February, 16:30 CET, I'll do it.


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