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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: proposal for reorganizing the Torque site
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 00:01:49 GMT
Thomas Fischer wrote:
> I have worked Greg's suggestions into the site and published a new 
> version at
> http://people.apache.org/~tfischer/torque-docs/index.html
> Most significant changes are
> - splitted the "docs for all components" link on the documentation 
> main page into three links,  Supported databases, Database Howtos, and 
> Other Howtos.
> - created a short ant generator usage chapter in the generator front 
> page. It is not as detailed as the tutorial, but better than nothing. 
> Corrections and improvements are welcome, of course !
> So my plan is to wait a few days for feedback, and see what comes out 
> of the old-releases-discussion, and then publish the site if noone 
> objects.
I have had a quick look at the new version and have the following comments:

    * When you navigate to the Project Reports for Torque 3.2 Generator
      and the Maven Plugin a second Project Documentation section
      appears on the left that confuses things somewhat.
    * For ease of navigation I think it would be a good if the
      documentation links for the latest version were always available
      directly under the Documentation section heading.  As things stand
      you have to go back to the Documentation page every time you want
      to look at a different section of the documentation - IMO these
      should be relatively easy to find rather than hidden.  I suggest:
          o Documentation
                + Overview [pretty much the current Documentation page]
                + Torque 3.2 [always expanded for the current release,
                  these should be the 3.2 docs, not 3.2.1-dev]
                      # Generator
                      # Maven Plugin
                      # Runtme
                      # Supported Databases
                      # Howtos [not fussed on the split between DB and
                        Other, this could be done on the target page]
                      # Tutorial
                + Previous Releases [collapsed by default, could just
                  link to the Documentation Overview if it is too much
                  trouble to maintain a list of them here]
                      # Torque 3.1.1
                      # Torque 3.1
                + Development [collapsed by default, only present when
                  docs are being maintained in advance of a release]
                      # Torque 3.2.1-dev
    * Under Project Documentation, the Project Info links relate to
      Torque as a whole whereas the Project Reports relate to the site
      module - I think this is an important distinction.  I suggest we
      bury the Project Reports under Developer Information with a
      heading something like "Site Project Reports".

This is progressing well - it is great to see some effort focused on 
making things easier for new users.


Scott Eade
Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd.

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