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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Table and Column name mapping issues
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 16:13:32 GMT
Can you shed some light on why you can not use the generator classes for 
this ? I have never tried to create a wrapper class around an ant task, 
but I would not think this is too difficult.
I would object to have code for creating xml from database rows in two 
places in Torque. We do not even manage to get it right in the generator 
(Date stuff, Blob content etc. all causes problems). You for yourself are 
free to do what you want, obviously.

You might also want to look at the ddlutils (db.apache.org/ddlutils) 
project. They also have code for generating XML out of database data.

Apart from that, I do not see a compelling reason why Java names should be 
used in the xml rather than sql column names. A generator option to change 
this would be ok with me.

Also, storing information about the java names in the Database map would 
also be ok with me, if you cared to implement it. Maybe it can be used for 
other stuff (some people might want to use reflection (shudder...))


On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Greg Monroe wrote:

> I'm trying to create some generic RUNTIME code which would
> allow records to be imported/exported using the DTD format
> that generator task creates.  The thought is that in solving a
> need we have here (moving stuff from staging to production
> DBs), I might be able to have some generic runtime XML
> Export/Import code to add to Torque.  E.g., export based
> on a criteria with all related foreign key table records too.
> However,  I've found some interesting name mapping problems
> in trying to do this. I'll open a issue and include a patch, but
> before starting I thought I'd poll folks for what the "right" way
> to fix this is.
> The basic problem is that the DTD uses the JavaName conventions
> for table and columns names but the Map classes use the SQL
> names. So how do you dynamically create an export record since
> the JavaName information from the Schema XML does not seem
> to be carried over into the runtime environment?
> There seem to be two choices to deal with this.  The first is to
> modify the DTD Generator task to allow for SQL names. Maybe
> just simply adding a option flag here.  This seems simple but
> you end up with two DTD which describe the same set of data
> and the possiblity of tag and/or attribute names that don't meet
> the XML specs.
> The second is to change the Mapping classes to store both the
> JavaName info and the SQL info.  This is more complex because
> it involves the templates and the base classes.  On the other
> hand, it would end up making the Map classes a more flexible.
> So, which approach (or is there one I missed) do folks think
> would work best?
> TIA.
> Greg
> Greg Monroe    <Monroe@DukeCE.com>    (919)680-5050
> C&IS Solutions Team Lead
> Duke Corporate Education, Inc.
> 333 Liggett St.
> Durham, NC 27701
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