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From "Thoralf Rickert" <thoralf.rick...@cadooz.de>
Subject AW: Torque with Java5 features
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 11:06:47 GMT
> Just to make sure that I understood you correctly: You were 
> able to convert the templates without chamnging the Runtime 
> jar, and it worked ? 


> - Testing would be more complicated. At the moment, it is 
> already a nuisance to change the databases by hand, and to 
> change the idtable property by hand. To not spend my life 
> testing, I do admit I usually do not switch other parameters. 
> So this would add another parameter to be
> switched; this gets to a point where something atomatic would 
> have to be written.

Just thinking: What about a script that compiles and verifies each
possible configuration?

> - We already have too many generator parameters. We need to 
> think about that problem. But I would guess in this case, a 
> configuration parameter would be the only sensible way 
> (maintaining two sets of templates, with managers and withou 
> them, is a nuisance already, I would not want another
> split)
> - In my eyes, it is certainly a nice feature, but it is not 
> the first in my personal list of priorities for after 3.2. I 
> would support it if it would be done, but I would not do it myself.

Because I would chance our torque environment to 3.2 after you've
released it, I would also change the templates again to use them with
Java5. So it would be a clear start for me and no problem to submit it
back to you.

But I don't have such a complex test environment. We use only the Object
and Peer Templates. So I don't know, if it is possible to change the
Manager to Java5. Do you've a documentation, which discribes, what
you're testing?


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