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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <...@intermeta.de>
Subject Re: Proposal for Automatic text escaping and overflow checking
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2005 09:41:39 GMT
"Greg Monroe" <Greg.Monroe@DukeCE.com> writes:

No. Torque is an O/R layer, not an input value checking device. If you
need this kind of checks, do it in your Controller.

	Best regards

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>I've often thought that it would be nice if Torque would automatically
>handle buffer=20
>overflow checking and SQL text escaping.  These are two of the biggest
>in application vunerablities and take a lot of time coding against (if
>you remember=20
>to do it).

>I was looking at the code and think I have found a relatively easy way
>to handle this=20
>for most of Torque.  But before I start causing unseen problems, I
>thought I'd run=20
>it by everyone for any "gotchas".

>First, it appears that all the common save methods end up going thru the
>method, insertOrUpdateRecord.  Here is where the objects are converted
>Village values prior to be saved.  It seems like the section with:

>if ( obj instanceof String ) {
>    ....

>is the place to do this.

>Checking for length problems is easy using the MapBuilder.vm template
>mod I just=20
>submitted.  With this, the columnMap will have the size to check against
>the String
>length.  If it's too long, the codue would throw a TorqueException  (
>Should there
>be a TorqueException subclass like TorqueFieldOverflowException to
>indicate this=20
>specific error?)

>Making sure that the string being saved has been escaped is a little
>harder.  This
>is because the current version of quoteAndEscapeText is non-repeatable.
>if you call it twice, you double quote things. There is a lot of
>existing code out there
>that calls this prior to doing a save. =20

>So, in order for, the new automatic escaping to work and not change the
>data value,=20
>the quoteAndEscapeText method needs to be re-written so it's repeatable.
>Not a=20
>big deal, just some pickie checking of the last or next characters
>before something=20
>is changed.  Once that's done, unescaped text will be automatically
>escaped and=20
>pre-escaped text will just be passed thru.

>So, that's it.  Seems simple enough.  Have I missed any "gotchas" or
>other issues=20
>that need to be considered?



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