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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Followup on DERBY-142 (Was Torque test project can't find torque-gen-templates-3.2-rc3-dev.jar)
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 15:50:30 GMT
To quickly summarize, given "SELECT id, name FROM readonlytest", the 
Derby embedded driver says that the columns are writeable while the 
Derby Network Client (and the DB2 Universal JDBC driver) say the columns 
are readonly. Village refuses to insert data for columns that are marked 

If you add a "FOR UPDATE" clause to the statement, the Derby Network 
Client now says that the columns are writeable, sparking some debate as 
to what the correct behavior should be in the both the embedded and 
client drivers:


If a "resolution" comes out of this, I'll post it.


Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Thomas Fischer wrote:
>> ... By the way, last time I tried it, Torque did not work with Derby 
>> and the
>> network driver. The problem was that the network driver in the meta-info
>> declared all columns to be read-only, which causes a library used
>> internally in Torque (village) to refuse to write any datasets into the
>> table. The problem is described in the Bug DERBY-142 in Derby's Jira.
> That explains the many test failures I saw yesterday.  :-) I just 
> updated DERBY-142 with an additional test based on one of the sample 
> Derby apps that reproduces the problem with the 10.1 Derby Network Client.
> By the way, there's a typo in trunks/test/profile/derby/project.properties:
>   torque.database.buildUrl = jjdbc:derby:net://localhost/test
> Should be 'jdbc' instead of 'jjdbc':
>   torque.database.buildUrl = jdbc:derby:net://localhost/test
>> However, in future releases of Torque, it is quite probable that 
>> village is
>> removed, so this will not be problematic any longer.
> ...
> I'll try the embedded driver, which worked great for the torque tutorial.
> One problem I discovered in the tutorial (and that repeats in the tests) 
> is Derby doesn't support creating a table that references another table 
> that doesn't exist yet. For example, this BOOK create statement fails 
> because the author table doesn't exist yet (this from 
> trunks/test/test-project/target/sql/bookstore-schema.sql):
> (
>     book_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
>     isbn VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
>     author_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
>     title VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
>     PRIMARY KEY(book_id),
>     FOREIGN KEY (author_id) REFERENCES author (author_id)
>     );
> My solution for this for the tutorial was to modify the 
> src/schema/project-schema.xml to place the BOOK definition at the end, 
> then it worked great.
>  -jean
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