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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Torque test project can't find torque-gen-templates-3.2-rc3-dev.jar
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:35:24 GMT
Thomas Fischer wrote:
> ... 
> By the way, last time I tried it, Torque did not work with Derby and the
> network driver. The problem was that the network driver in the meta-info
> declared all columns to be read-only, which causes a library used
> internally in Torque (village) to refuse to write any datasets into the
> table. The problem is described in the Bug DERBY-142 in Derby's Jira.

That explains the many test failures I saw yesterday.  :-) I just 
updated DERBY-142 with an additional test based on one of the sample 
Derby apps that reproduces the problem with the 10.1 Derby Network Client.

By the way, there's a typo in trunks/test/profile/derby/project.properties:

   torque.database.buildUrl = jjdbc:derby:net://localhost/test

Should be 'jdbc' instead of 'jjdbc':

   torque.database.buildUrl = jdbc:derby:net://localhost/test

> However, in future releases of Torque, it is quite probable that village is
> removed, so this will not be problematic any longer.

I'll try the embedded driver, which worked great for the torque tutorial.

One problem I discovered in the tutorial (and that repeats in the tests) 
is Derby doesn't support creating a table that references another table 
that doesn't exist yet. For example, this BOOK create statement fails 
because the author table doesn't exist yet (this from 

     book_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
     isbn VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
     author_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
     title VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
     PRIMARY KEY(book_id),
     FOREIGN KEY (author_id) REFERENCES author (author_id)

My solution for this for the tutorial was to modify the 
src/schema/project-schema.xml to place the BOOK definition at the end, 
then it worked great.


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