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From Thomas Vandahl <thomas.vand...@tewisoft.de>
Subject Re: 3.2-RC2 not being the final release candidate ?
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 07:09:23 GMT
Thomas Fischer wrote:
> After the discussion in TRQS322, it seems to me that Torque 3.2-RC2 is not
> suitable as the final release, so I will start development towards 3.2-rc3.
> If anyone wants a formal vote about it, please shout now.

If that is the case, I would like to add some more "cleanup" patches to 
the templates. I removed some obsolete imports and removed the unused 
tmpKey variable. There is still some inconsistency in the hierarchy of 
the generated objects, but I need some hint to get this solved:

- According to ExtensionObject.vm, the extended object implements 
Persistent, which is normally not necessary, because BaseObject already 
implements Persistent.
- According to the generator schema documentation, the base object for 
the generated classes can be overridden, so that one might not implement 
- However, the BaseXXX classes require most of the Persistent methods

If I removed that "implements Persistent" line from ExtensionObject.vm, 
would that break some scenario I didn't think of?

Bye, Thomas.

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