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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Test project (ex-runtimetest)
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:54:24 GMT

After some battles mit maven, I think I am finished with the new test 
project (formerly known as runtimetest). Sorry for some confusion and 
commit garbage caused over the last week, I will try to finish stuff 
locally first and commit it when its ready in the future. However, without 
Henning's comments pointing out the weak points, the test would be not as 
good as it is now.

Note that from the first version, some target names have changed: Running 
the test project is done now by

maven -Dtorque.test.profile=${profile}

with ${profile} being the name of the profile directory, for example 
mysql. (the target name, torque-test:run is not needed, as it is now the 
default target).
installing and building the test project is now done by

maven -Dtorque.test.profile=${profile} torque-test:install-run

(I thought it should be made clear from the name of the target that 
something is installed to the local maven repository)

As I have written in my previous mail about the subject, I have suggested 
two possibilities to run the tests via the maven plugin: An extra test 
project and a test plugin for maven. Personally, I have come to the 
conclusion that the test project is better thatn the test maven plugin for 
the following reasons:
- it does not add anything to the maven installation
- it runs at the first execution (at least if the Torque maven plugin was 
installed before)
- it is easier to understand, because it is almost a normal project which
   uses Torque.

So, if nobody objects, I will remove the test plugin stuff. This will not 
have any effect on the test project. If somebody is interested in the 
details, these are the intended changes:
- the folder test/torque-test-maven-plugin will be
   nuked completely
- the contents of the project.xml from test/profile/base will be added to
   the project.xml in test/test-project/project.xml
- all the project.xml's in the profile subdirectories will extend the
   runtime's project.xml directly instead of extending the
- the directory test/profile/base will be deleted.

I have also added documentation about the test to the main site. Run maven 
site in the site module to see it. I did not yet deploy it to give people 
the opportunity to raise objections.

Note that I did not take over the profiles of Torque developers which I 
did not see around in the last year. If somebody feels that this is bad 
practice or if somebody wants a particular profile to be included in the 
new tests, please speak up.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


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