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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Torque test (ex runtimetest)
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 09:45:51 GMT

Sorry, the automatic installation of the plugin only works the second 
time maven torque-test:build-run-plugin is called. For reasons unclear to 
me, the target looks for something to delete (which it does not find at 
the first install and thus fails).


On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Thomas Fischer wrote:

> Hi,
> I have added into svn two suggestions how to reorganize the old runtimetest. 
> The problem with the old runtimetest were the following:
> - one had to build the generator and the templates separately before
>  running the test
> - it was testing the ant version of the generator and not the
>  maven-plugin.
> - it had problems with the junit task definition, if it was called
>  with -Dmaven.jest.skip=true
> - it was not a runtimetest, but instead it was testing the whole of
>  torque, and therefore should not be in the runtime part of the
>  project but reside in an extra location.
> These problems have been solved with the two suggestions for the new test 
> (the functionality and test cases stay the same). They can be found if an 
> update is made on the trunks subdirectory of the torque svn. There, a new 
> external svn reference called "test" was added for the suggestions.
> The first suggestion puts the test into a maven plugin. The plugin can be 
> found in the directory test/torque-test-maven-plugin.
> The second suggestion creates a test project for the test, and does not need 
> a plugin. It can be found in the directory test/test-project.
> The data needed to test the different databases can be found in the 
> test/profile directory. At the moment, only an example for mysql is added.
> The directory test/base contains some additional scripts which enable one to 
> build all Torque subprojects before the test is started. For the second 
> suggestion (test project), this directory could also be merged with the test 
> project.
> To try the first suggestion using the maven plugin, change into the directory 
> trunks/test/profile/mysql. Adjust the project.properties and project.xml to 
> fit your setting. Then, run the command
> maven torque-test:build-run-plugin
> which should install the test plugin and run the test.
> At the moment, the plugin remains installed after the test. I did try to 
> uninstall the plugin automatically, but somehow this crashes at the next 
> installation of the plugin. I did not try this very hard, no idea whether 
> this could be brought to work.
> To try the second suggestion using the test project, change into the 
> directory trunks/test/profile/mysql. Adjust the project.xml to contain your 
> db driver, put your generator settings into project.properties and the 
> runtime settings in Torque.properties. Then, change into the directory
> trunks/test/test-project and run the command
> maven -Dtorque.test.profile=mysql torque-test:build-run-project
> These suggestions are not meant as a final stage. Documentation is missing, 
> as well as some licence headers, and some formatting issues are
> open.
> I'd like to hear your opinion about which test setup suits you better. If you 
> prefer none of the two scenarios but wish to stay with the old runtimetest, 
> I'd be interested in ideas how to solve the problems with the old 
> runtimetest. If you have problems in trying the suggestions, email to the dev 
> list.
>    Thomas
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