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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: scarab issue tracker
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 08:23:14 GMT
I suggest dropping torque-dev on replies. Keep Jorge on the CC if necessary,
since not being a committer I doubt the moderators will have him subscribe
to the infra mailing list.

I was under the impression that our scarab install was being decommissioned,
but apparently I was mistaken. I think I confused it with eyebrowse. Sorry
for causing confusion.

Scarab is currently running as a web application on ajax.apache.org (aka
issues.apache.org) at


It was moved there from nagoya.apache.org many moons ago by Noel Bergman.
(Nagoya is scheduled for decommissioning.) Noel and John McNally have the
necessary access to do administration.

I know that Noel is always rather short on time, and John until recently
wasn't paying close attention :-). I don't think much adminning has been
done for the last year.

 * John updates infrastructure/trunk/docs/who-does-what.txt wrt scarab
 * John puts the relevant scarab bits in subversion at


   following the example set by bugzilla, so others can help modify them
   and the infra team can track activity.
 * the committers that volunteered to help here make sure to keep up with
   the infrastructure at apache dot org mailing list, and the content
   of http://www.apache.org/dev/ (there's some info there on how to
   volunteer for example), then work with John to provide some tender
   love and care. The committers can receive SVN commit karma for the above
   URI, though not accounts for ajax (which we try to keep locked down
 * you guys make sure to write some instructions and admin-related info down
   in an SCARAB.txt inside infrastructure/trunk/docs
 * Jorg's email address is stored somewhere in that readme as the person to
   contact for expert support (sorry, the machine that hosts ajax is
   apache-members-only for shell access).

Oh, and finally,

On 07-08-2005 13:47, "Thomas Fischer" <tfischer@apache.org> wrote:
> I am aware that it is you who have the work with keeping scarab running,

Lets change that :-)

> and appreciating very much the work you do, I do not like at all to
> create unnecessary work for you. I do not know which reasons are behind
> the decision to switch off scarab. If it is that it causes additional work
> to support it, I would volunteer as a maintainer of scarab.

Yes please. Make sure you fully understand what that means and what we'll
expect from you.

> If other 
> reasons have led to the decision (like that you think it would be easier
> for you not having to support another issue tracker),

Oh, that too. We have three (bugzilla, jira, scarab). IMHO two too much :-)



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