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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move the Torque Bugtracker to JIRA
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 23:44:40 GMT
Jorge Uriarte wrote:

> Scott Eade wrote:
>> There has in fact been some recent progress with Scarab over at 
>> Tigris - e.g. on their instance you can look at issues without 
>> logging in.  The trouble is that to get the ASF instance upgraded 
>> will require more effort from those involved than can be justified.  
>> If there was some momentum behind Scarab things would be quite 
>> different, but unfortunately this is not the case.
> Hi Scott,
> sad you feel there is no momentum :-(

I had noted the more recent activity over at Tigris - what I really 
meant is that momentum for the adoption of Scarab at the ASF has dwindled.

> Lots of Turbine/Torque users/devs are involved somehow in Scarab 
> (Youngho, Fabio, Eric, comes to mind)

I appreciate this.

> As I've already sent to Turbine's list, Scarab has indeed gained some 
> speed lately, but this should by no means be the reason behind Turbine 
> moving away.
> Apache was using a very old version of Scarab, and I'm not sure about 
> the problems it caused. Late as it can be, maybe we should have 
> marketed ourselves months ago (I really thought about offering help 
> for upgrading but... late again...)

I'm sad to say that it looks like the Scarab team missed a really good 
opportunity to promote themselves.  If efforts had been made to keep the 
ASF instance up to date (and up and running) then other projects may 
have adopted it rather than JIRA.  Clearly this would have been a Good 
Thing, not only for Scarab but also for Torque and Turbine.  
Unfortunately if Torque, with or without Turbine, elected to stick with 
even an upgraded release of Scarab now, we would be forcing our 
developers to maintain an account and learn about an additional issue 
tracking system when because of involvement in other ASF projects they 
are already have to do so for JIRA and possibly bugzilla.

For the benefit of Torque and Turbine I would have liked to have seen 
Scarab flourish at the ASF, but alas it seems that the issue tracking 
boat set sail some time ago when we were all distracted by other things.

> As I told before; feel free to ask if you wanted help in the migration.

Since it seems from Henning's message that the ASF Scarab is pretty much 
down permanently we may indeed be in need of some assistance.  I assume 
we will be able to extract at least some of the Scarab issue data 
directly using SQL for import into JIRA.

Thanks you Jorge for your comments and your most gracious offer of 



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