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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject Overhaul of the tutorial
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 16:49:27 GMT

as you may have noticed from the commit message, I have updated the 
tutorial. The changes are as follows:

- Separated the configuration of generator and runtime
- Separated writing of the sample application and compiling/running the
   sample application
- Thrown out confusing hints what the user should do if he does not use
   maven. The User is using maven to run the tutorial. Full stop. (Just
   retained one reference to the build-torque ant file).
- Added information so that a user who has never used maven before can run
   the tutorial.
- Thrown out stuff that is not absolutely necessary to understand what the
   user is doing and how the sample application works, but retaining links
   like "For more information, look here". The idea is not to overcrowd the
   user's brain with information he does not need at the moment.

I ran the tutorial against a mysql database, taking care only to execute 
the steps mentioned in the tutorial, and it worked ok, so I assume there 
are no big bugs in it.

As the changes are quite substantial, I did not republish the site, but 
wanted to give anybody here interested in the tutorial the opportunity to 
review it. PLEASE DO SO, if you got the time, I have no idea whether the 
stuff can be understood by anybody except me. Any comments, suggestions, 
typos, spotting of denglish sentences welcome.

Also, what I really found useful in some online documentation (e.g. the 
postgresql online documentation) are the user comments at the bottom of 
the site. Of course, it is not possible to add anything as fancy as that 
on the Torque side, but one could provide a link to the Wiki at the bottom 
of each HTML page, and each one points to a Wiki page like 
(TutorialUserCommentPageX). What do you think ?


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