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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: AbstractBaseManager vs. JDO Persistence Manager
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 12:45:42 GMT

Hi John,

I am afraid I do not have enough knowledge on JDO and its
PersistenceManager to answer your question. I'll tell you the tiny bit I
know about AbstractBaseManager:
AbstractBaseManager is the base class for the Manager Classes, just as
BasePeer is the base class for the Peer objects . The Manager classes are
needed if one wants to cache database objects in the Torque runtime.
Caching is tornde OFF by default; if one wants to enable it, one has to
explicitly set the torque.useManagers generator property to true. If
caching is enabled, the generator will create different object classes and
the additional manager classes for cache management. Caching is still
considered experimental, and I have heard that cache invalidation is still
a problem (probably one has to invalidate the cache manually).

That is all I know about the AbstractBaseManager class. If you have further
questions or need clarification, please keep asking.


jmenke@chubb.com schrieb am 28.07.2005 18:20:08:

> Is the AbstractBaseManager class in Torque the functional equivalent of a
> PersistenceManager in JDO?
> John Menke

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