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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject closing Datasources at Torque.shutdown()
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 08:12:18 GMT

I would like to close DataSources initialized by Torque if 
Torque.shutdown() is called. To do this, I'd like to add a close()-method 
to the interface DataSourceFactory.

Closing works fine for SharedPoolDataSourceFactory and 
PerUserPoolDataSourceFactory. It does not work, however, for 
DataSourceFactories deployed/retrieved via JNDI. This has two reasons:
- First, one does not want to close Pools retrieved via JNDI. Other 
applications might use the same Datasource. Also, because we have not 
deployed the Datasource, we are not responsible for shutting it down.
- Second, even if we have deployed the Datasource, it is very problematic 
to shut it down because the interface DataSource does not have a close() 
method or anything similar. As any DataSource can be deployed, we do not 
know how to shut it down. One might think "See if it is a DBCP Datasource, 
if yes, we know how to shut it down, let's do it" is also no good solution 
because it is a very unintuitive behaviour and can lead to very strange 

Does anybody have any problems with that, or any suggestions to improve 
the behaviour ?


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