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From Martin Kalén <mka...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Torque and Village
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 09:29:56 GMT
Fabio Insaccanebbia wrote:
> suggestion: what about a "pluggable" dblayer for Torques?

+1 I think this idea is brilliant!

> We could design the API that Torque needs, create a Village Adapter (for
> compatibility with the past) a DdlUtils based db layer and, if we need a
> "custom - made" dblayer, we can write our own (or we can find a
> new/better in the Open Source space).
> So we can start with Village (putting our patches in the "Adapter" layer
> if we really want to) [short time effort], then start an effort to write
> the DdlUtils based db layer [medium time effort] and see what happens
> next.. [long time effort... Torque's own dblayer... only if necessary].

That's IMHO a perfect approach since:

*) work can start immediately

*) it will be crystal clear exactly how Torque is dependent on Village

*) no more "get the patched Village here"; as you say, the patches
    can be maintained in the Torque adapter layer
    (Torque+Village=only 2 code repositories instead of current 3)

*) making this work for Village in the existing code will prepare for
    DdlUtils "plug-in" later

> Obviously the difficult thing would be to create an API that makes 
> simple to create adapters both for Village and DdlUtils (thus without 
> complex hierarchy, with the minimum API objects number).

Since this API is 100% internal there will be lots of room for refactoring
later. Starting with Village will be a good first try, trying to plug in
DdlUtils later -- with some additional API refactorings if needed -- will
make the DB layer API even better (as will be the case for each new
added product).

> P.S.: I'm just talking about the functions currently covered in Torque 
> by Village.
> Torque and DdlUtils can concentrate efforts also in other "use cases" 
> probably without having to add an Adapter...

Agree fully. There is nothing wrong with having both a pluggable DB layer
adapter for DdlUtils and some other direct compile-time depdencies on
different areas of the same package.

If you guys decide that this is the way to go, I would be happy to
help you with any code I can contribute with!


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