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From Hendrik Busch <hendrik.bu...@lexisnexis.de>
Subject Re: Torque and Village
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 07:39:12 GMT

> I've tried to make a patch and solve a couple of Torque problems with 
> Oracle Integration (DATE and BLOB management) and it turned out that 
> they are dependent on some Village choices (*). I tried to write some 
> patch but unfortunately there's no way to contribute them back because 
> Village project is no longer mantained.

Looks like we did the same thing :-). We're currently porting our 
document management system from MySQL to Oracle and needed to fix some 
weaknesses in Village, too, mainly LOB-related stuff.

> I read on the mailing list that this issue has been already raised and 
> the last news were that someone was trying to "fork" it. There has been 
> some progress in this task? Have somebody contacted the author to hear 
> if he would allow us to contribute patches by putting the code on a 
> read-write cvs?

I sent an email to jon (at) latchkey.com as we would have liked to 
contribute our modifications as well. Yet I have received no reply until 
now (or maybe our company-spam-cop caught that mail due to some reason).

The fork seems to be a good idea since many people are still using 
Village, even without Torque. So if we pull together, maybe we can 
achieve a reactivation.

So long,
Hendrik Busch

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Hendrik Busch - Teamleiter LexisNexis Recht Entwicklung

LexisNexis Deutschland GmbH
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D-48161 Münster
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