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From Thomas Fischer <tfisc...@apache.org>
Subject autoincrement and primary keys
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2005 10:22:31 GMT

I have just ran the runtimetest for mysql with idMethod="native". Mysql 
uses autoincrement columns as native id methods. The runtimetest fails 
because primary keys are not autoincrement by default (i.e. the id is 
set to zero, if the attribute "uatoIncrement" is not set for the primary 
key.). This is different to the behaviour in the databases which use sequences or if the Idbroker

is used. There, the ids are generated automatically without explicitly 
specifying that the column should be autoIncremented.

I would like to change the default behaviour of Databases which use 
autoincrement as native id generation such that autoIncrement is turned on 
per default for primary keys, idMethod=native and 
defaultIdMethod=identity. The defaultIdMethod=identity part assures that 
autoincrement is the db's preferred method for creating ids. This is 
necessary because there seem to be databases (e.g. sapdb) which support 
both autoincrement and sequences.

In order to be able to turn autoIncrement off for single columns in a 
table with composite primary key, I would also like to remove the 
default value "false" of the autoIncrement attribute of the column element 
in the database.dtd. This would reflect the above change. The programmatic 
default value would be "false" in every case except the primaryKey 
behaviour mentioned above. It would then be possible to override the 
default behaviour by explicitly setting autoIncrement to "false" in a case 
where the default value is "true".

I would welcome any comments about this.


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