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From Colin Edward Freas <c...@georgetown.edu>
Subject Torque datadump
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 16:01:44 GMT

When the 'datadump' goal fails for my project, one of the 
recommendations in the error message is to use invoke ant with the 
-debug flag. 

Unfortunately, and despite numerous references throughout the Torque 
website, Torque doesn't really support Ant any longer, as per Henning's 
email here:

So, I'm wondering if there's some way to get more information about the 
reason Torque is choking on extracting the data from my database, other 
than the velocity log, which, as per my other post, doesn't give me a 
lot of insight into exactly what's going on. 

My suspicion is it has something to do with the foreign keys in this 
table, but I'm not sure how to test that without removing the foreign 
keys, which is something I'd rather no do as a first resort.

Colin Freas

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