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From M Flood <mdfl...@starpower.net>
Subject A Torque book?
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 13:36:06 GMT
Greetings all:

I am someone who's struggled through to a basic understanding of 
Torque.  I love the thing.  But the documentation?  Oy. 

Has any thought been given to a more cohesive and comprehensive 
reference -- e.g., an O'Reilly <http://www.oreilly.com/> "Apache 
Torque:  The Definitive Guide", or a Manning <http://www.manning.com/> 
"Apache Torque in Action"?  The pieces are mostly there already, on the 
Torque site, the wiki, and the forums, but:  (a) there are significant 
differences across versions, and the online docs do not always stay in 
sync with the app; (b) users are required to google several places and 
assess the credibility/relevance of discussions to assemble an answer to 
questions; and (c) there is a lack of consistent format to guide the 
learning process.

I really think improved documentation would open up widespread 
acceptance of Torque.  Please give it some thought.  I don't see any 
other open-source java O/R layers that give me the kind of flexibility 
that Torque does, in the sense that the database design can remain fully 
decoupled from the object model.  That makes it architecturally superior 
to Hibernate, JDO, Castor, etc., (IMHO). 

Thanks -- Mark Flood

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