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From Thomas Fischer <Fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject changelog: merge of Torque_3_1_BRANCH with HEAD
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:00:23 GMT


I will commit the merge of the TORQUE_3_1_BRANCH with HEAD in few minutes.
I did/will do the following:

- Tagged current state of TORQUE_3_1_BRANCH as
- Tagged current state of HEAD as TORQUE_HEAD_BEFORE_MERGE_OF_3_1_BRANCH
- Took the generator from HEAD and the runtime and maven plugin from the
3_1_Branch and merged them. I also took the few improvements in the
generator in the 3_1_Branch which are not in HEAD over to HEAD
(correctGetters and the Derby support plus small changes) over to HEAD. The
complete list of changes can be found below.
- Checked that the test cases and runtime tests work (I only checked
against Oracle 9.2). The runtime tests write a lot of warnings, but they
also did that before merging in HEAD.

PLEASE test the new cvs HEAD.

These are the things which I am not sure whether they are ok:
- run the runtime tests against other databases. Especially, I do not know whether postgresql
and Derby support works as expected (in postgres, check
especially columns.vm and table.vm templates)
- check that removal of src/conf /database directory is ok
- replaced all occurences of version number 3.1.2 with 3.2
- the docs/release-changes.html page is not generated, no idea why. But it is also not generated
in the 3_1_branch, nor does it appear in the
navigation there.

Changed files:

Note that I replaced all java files HEAD by their 3-1-version to keep a consistent version
of the license header.
(only in the runtime !!!) Only files which have also other changes are mentioned here

root directory:
README.txt (replaced)
build.xml (reinserted)
maven.xml (taken bugfix and Goal dist:build-bin over from 3_1, but otherwise used the head
project-base.xml (merged manually, current version set to 3.2-dev)
project.xml (replaced: <id>-tags were replaced by <artifactId> and <groupId>)

notes directory:
PoolTest.java: (inserted)

profile directory:
henning.profile (inserted)

proposals directory:
proposals/henning/column-javaname: not replaced because the diff would not be valid anymore
henning/idtable-peer.patch (replaced)
henning/skipidbroker: (inserted)

xdocs directory:
tutorial/step1 (replaced) (changes in mail archives address)
tutorial/step1 (replaced)(minimal changes)
changes.xml: (merged manually as far as they apply to the new version)
configuration-howto (merged manually)
criteria-howto (replaced)
maven.howto: not replaced despite small changes (difference in plugin-id)
navigation: (merged manually)
oracle-howto: not replaced as the changes mentioned in 3-1 were reverted
release-changes.xml (replaced) (changes are in changes.xml now)
schema-howto.xml (inserted)
status.xml (replaced)
user-guide not replaced despite small changes (difference in plugin-id)

src/conf directory:
database directory: was added in HEAD, left as it is
master/Torque.master: left as it is, though there are changes in 3_1.
Torque.properties: left as it is, though there are changes in 3_1.
roleConfiguration.xml: left as it is (newer in HEAD)

Torque (replaced)
TorqueInstance (replaced)

DBDerby (inserted)
DBFactory (replaced)
DBNone (replaced)
DBPostgres (replaced)

AbstractDataSourceFactory (replaced)
DataSourceFactory (replaced)
JndiDataSourceFactory (replaced)
PerUserDataSourceFactory (replaced)
SharedPoolDataSourceFactory (replaced)
TorqueDataSourceFactory (not included, was removed in HEAD)

AbstractBaseManager (replaced)

AutoIncrementIdGenerator (replaced)
IdBroker (replaced)
SequenceIdGenerator (replaced)

BaseObject (replaced)

not inserted, was removed in head

BasePeer (replaced)
CountHelper (inserted)
Criteria (replaced)
JoinBuilder (inserted)
LimitHelper (inserted)
Query (replaced)
SqlBuilder (inserted)
SqlEnum (replaced)
VillageUtils (inserted)

bookstore-schema.new not inserted because not used anywhere
bookstore-schema.xml (replaced except dtd)
ext-schema.xml (not replaced, only dtd changed in head)
extext-schema.xml (not replaced, only dtd changed in head)
id-table-schema.xml (not replaced, only dtd changed in head)
test-schema.xml (not replaced, only dtd changed in head)
org/apache/torque/engine/database/transform/SQLToAppDataTest left as it is, though there are
changes in 3_1.
org/apache/torque/util/copyTest (replaced)
org/apache/torque/DataTest (replaced)
org/apache/torque/DocsTest (inserted)

TurbineResources.properties (replaced)
org/apache/torque/om/ComboKeyTest (replaced)
org/apache/torque/om/util/CriteriaTest (replaced)
org/apache/torque/om/util/QueryTest (replaced)
rg/apache/torque/om/util/SqlExpressionTest (replaced)

GENERATOR: (directories relative to src/generator)

Root Directory:
build.xml (inserted)
maven.xml (replaced)
project.xml (replaced)

properties-reference.xml (replaced)

build-torque.xml (merged manually)

Column (Merged the correctGetters from 3_1)
Table (Merged the correctGetters from 3_1)

Control.vm: (merged manually)
Object.cm (merged manually)
ObjectWithManager (merged manually)
Peer.vm (replaced)

src/templates/sql/base/derby (inserted with files)

idtable.derby (inserted)

src/templates/sql/load/derby (inserted with files)

src/test (left as it is)

MAVEN-PLUGIN (files relative to src/maven-plugin)

src/plugin-resources/templates/index.jelly (inserted)
xdocs/changes (replaced)
xdocs/index (replaced)
plugin.jelly (merged manually)
plugin.properties (replaced)
project.properties (replaced)
project.xml (merged manually)

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