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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <...@intermeta.de>
Subject Re: accuracy of TIME columns
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 09:11:21 GMT
Thomas Fischer <Fischer@seitenbau.net> writes:


>I am currently checking a bug report
>(http://nagoya.apache.org/scarab/issues/id/TRQS263). I am investigating the
>accuracy of TIME columns. The problem is that saving a TIME value and
>retrieving it again from an Oracle DB only has day accuracy, not second
>accuracy as one would expect from the SQL type TIME.

Sounds like the mapping of the TIME type in db.props is wrong. And from

--- cut ---
--- cut ---

the reason for this is clear. All TIME types are mapped to DATE, which
_has_ only "day resolution". No magic here. :-)

>While stepping through the code, I have come to the conclusion that this
>problem might not be a oracle problem, but might also occur in other
>databases. To check this, I have just committed a test case to CVS branch
>TORQUE_3_1_BRANCH. Can anyone whoe does _NOT_ use oracle please check this
>out and run the runtime-tests? At some point, there should be output like

This is even easier:

src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/axion/db.props:TIME = time
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/cloudscape/db.props:TIME = TIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/db2400/db.props:TIME = TIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/db2/db.props:TIME = TIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/hypersonic/db.props:TIME = time
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/interbase/db.props:TIME =
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/msaccess/db.props:TIME = time
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/mssql/db.props:TIME = DATETIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/mysql/db.props:TIME = TIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/oracle/db.props:TIME = DATE
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/postgresql/db.props:TIME = time
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/sapdb/db.props:TIME = TIME
src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/sybase/db.props:TIME = TIMESTAMP

=> all but Oracle should work. Why does the Oracle mapping has TIME =
DATE? I don't know.


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