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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <...@intermeta.de>
Subject Re: [SOURCE] Issue #TRQS256 had user association modified
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:58:12 GMT
<Martin.Goulet@sungard.com> writes:

>Henning: Thx for the feedback! (even though bedside manners doesn't seem
>to be your strong point...

I'm quite busy ATM and write short comments that might sound harsh. I
know, this is not intended to be harsh, just to the point. If you felt
offended, I apologize.

However, this is a development list and code critisism is intended to
improve the code quality, not to put people down.

>remember I just want to contribute a bit back to the community with a
>feature that I think is 

We all are grateful for contributions. But that does not mean, that
every patch gets applied without discussion. IMHO there is no reason
to add another number of convenience methods to an already bloated
class. These methods can well be inside a helper class (CountHelper

>> Uh, do we really want to bloat up the Peer classes any further? What
>> sense in putting this into BasePeer?

>Ok, where would you put it?

o.a.t.utils.CountHelper e.g. 


>> Why are you doing all the shebang in count(Criteria, Connection,
>> columnName, distinct) ?  Am I missing something?

>In order to issue the 'count' call the criteria is modified. So in order
>to restitute it in the original form, we are resetting the columns and 
>the 'order by columns' in the original states. With this, the called
>need to keep a copy of his original object.

Is there a need to keep state? AFAIK none of the other methods keep
the state of the Criteria. IMHO, just run the count and be done with
it. Put a notice on top of the Methods that the state of Criteria is

>> You should be able to get the deliminator from buildQuery()? 

>> Why use the doSelect() anyway? Why not use the primitives to build the
>> SQL string and send it to the DB?

>Why not?

Because doSelect() is expensive as hell. It runs through all the
Village hoops just to return (in the end) a single integer value. I'd
expect to run a simple Criteria parser + straight SQL to run 10-20
times faster. However, this probably won't be visible compared to the
DB time for the select anyway. :-)


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