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From torque-...@db.apache.org
Subject [DB Torque Wiki] New: TorqueFuture
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:20:51 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-21T01:20:51
   Editor: HenningSchmiedehausen <hps@intermeta.de>
   Wiki: DB Torque Wiki
   Page: TorqueFuture
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/db-torque/TorqueFuture

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New Page:

= Torque Future =

This page is intended to be a white board of ideas where to go for the next Torque major release.
Don't expect everything written here to show up at once. I plan to use this page to poll for
on where to focus development in 2005. -- Henning

== Torque Runtime ==

* Get rid of the static Peer classes. (hps)

* Get rid of Village. (hps)

* General SQL schema (database namespace) support. (hps)

* Defined datatypes for SQL columns and tables. (hps)

* Introduce a some sort of "handle" onto a data source / table collection, allowing things
  defined initialization, setting default parameters (similar to Hibernate Session?) (hps)

* Move functionality from the generated Peer and Object classes back into the runtime. (hps)

* Build a pluggable criteria system using a generator (connected to the "handle" object to
  a criteria and an evaluation method to get the query / select string) (hps)

* (Maybe) split up the Criteria into an Insert / Select / Delete criteria (hps)

* Build a unified Transaction system, which is able to use different transaction types thus
  the usage of transactions managed by a container (hps)

* Keep the "simple" approach that made Torque fast and versatile: Don't try to rebuild Hibernate.
  generic object -> SQL mapper, just a table schema representation in SQL (hps)

* No implicit caching (maybe pluggable). Use JCS? (hps)

== Torque Code generator ==

* Start looking into commons-sql, once is has been transferred to the DB Project. Start replacing
  the SQL part of Code generation with the commons-sql generator, making it compatible and
  with OJB (hps)

* Examine ways to generate the Class sources with this project (hps)

* Allow multiple OM schemata to be generated, allowing one installed torque generator to be
used for
  multiple project with different runtime levels (-- Henning: I have a patch for this). (hps)

* Get rid of Texen? Maybe go XSLT? Use some different templating technique (while Velocity
and Texen
  do a reasonably good job, their error reporting really lacks. Integration of the engine
into other
  projects is also not really intuitive). (hps)

== Maven Plugin ==

* Generalize into a "code generator" plugin? (hps)

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