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From Shevek <she...@anarres.org>
Subject Re: Bug in sequence generation with no columns
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 00:28:53 GMT
On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Scott Eade wrote:

> Shevek wrote:
> >This should be supported, since this turned up as a normal business case. 
> >It isn't quite normalised, but it isn't really possible to normalise 
> >further.
> >
> Please elaborate on the business case.

I have a number of objects of different structures. They are in separate 
tables. Each of which needs to be associated with a set of objects 
of type Word. Therefore each of these different objects stores a key to a 
Wordset, and the Word table has a foreign key to Wordset. Thus Wordset has 
no properties of its own, only the primary key.

The ideal way to do this would probably be to create a common base class 
for the objects of differing structures, but this association with the set 
would be the only significant win. Adding a dummy column so BasePeer can 
work out what on earth is going on works just as well, but a doInsert() 
really ought to keep track of which table it's inserting into, so this 
shouldn't be necessary.


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