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From <Martin.Gou...@sungard.com>
Subject Criteria object serialization/deserialization
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 16:11:47 GMT

Anyone has ever tried to serialize a Criteria object into a byte array?
I've implemented a Criteria serializer/deserializer and I get weird results out of
it. For example, if I print the Criteria (through the toString() method) before
and after it looks like the same criteria but the where clause is malformed:

Current Query SQL (may not be complete or applicable): SELECT  FROM CSLogin WHERE CSLogin.LOGINNAME='MONICA.BELLUCI'

Current Query SQL (may not be complete or applicable): SELECT  FROM CSLogin WHERE CSLogin.LOGINNAME=CSLogin.LOGINNAME='MONICA.BELLUCI'

Notice that the where clause has twice the "CSLogin.LOGINNAME"... Obviously
when I try to put that through a doSelect, it doesn't work at all! So has anyone
succeeded into serializing a Criteria into a byte array? Any feedback would
be very much appreciated!! Thx!!

My code to serialize and deserialize is:

	public void testSerialize() throws Exception
		Criteria		crit, crit2;
		crit = new Criteria();
		crit.add( CSLoginPeer.LOGINNAME, "MONICA.BELLUCI" );
		crit2 = deserialize( serialize( crit ) );
		System.out.println( "BEFORE: " + crit.toString() );
		System.out.println( "" ); 
		System.out.println( "AFTER : " + crit2.toString() );
	 * Serializes the given object into a String.
	 * @param foo the object to serialize
	 * @returns the serialization of the given object
	 * @throws IOException when doublewords attack
	public byte[] serialize(Criteria foo) throws IOException {

		// The object is written to a ByteArrayOutputStream, so we can make a String from the byte
		ByteArrayOutputStream byteStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
		ObjectOutputStream	objStream;
		// Writes the object out to byteStream's internal byte array.
		objStream = new ObjectOutputStream(byteStream);
		objStream.writeObject(foo);  // IOException

		// Convert byteStream's byte array to a String.
		return byteStream.toByteArray();


	 * Deserializes the given String into an Object.
	 * @param bar the String to deserialize
	 * @returns the object represented by the given serialization
	 * @throws IOException when doublewords attack
	public Criteria deserialize( byte[] foo ) throws IOException, OptionalDataException, ClassNotFoundException,
StreamCorruptedException {
		ByteArrayInputStream 	byteStream;
		ObjectInputStream 		objStream;
		byteStream = new ByteArrayInputStream( foo );
		objStream = new ObjectInputStream( byteStream );  // IOException, StreamCorruptedException
		return (Criteria) objStream.readObject();  // OptionalDataException, ClassNotFoundException

Martin Goulet, B.Sc. 
Senior Software Architect
SunGard Front Office Solutions 
Email: Martin.Goulet@sungard.com 
Web: www.online.sungard.com 

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