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From Benjamin Yu <Benjam...@InformativeResearch.com>
Subject Torque and C-JDBC
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:39:20 GMT

I'm interested in using c-jdbc as a backend for torque, and have the
following train of thought...please correct any step/assumption that is

1. C-JDBC is not supported based on the documentation.
2. I would need to write a custom DB adapter for this support.
3. Possibly write a new set of velocity templates to be used for sql
4. I would then configure the torque runtime config to use the new adapter.
	Ala, something like: torque.database.mydb.adapter=cjdbc

5. However, DBFactory defines a static map for DBFactory.create() to use.
6. TorqueInstance.initAdapters() calls the DBFactory.create() to obtain the
DB adapter.
7. Thus I will also have to modify DBFactory.java and add the mapping
(driver and shortname).

Does all this sound right? Am I missing something?

The set of supported RDBMS seems fixed based on the classes listed in
DBFactory. Has there ever been a prior method that allowed the end user to
use his own adapter without modifying the torque runtime codebase?

If not, is this a possible direction that the torque dev team would be open


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