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From "Göschl,Siegfried" <Siegfried.Goes...@drei.com>
Subject RE: Questions on torque
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:09:33 GMT
Hi Andrej,

I give it a shot even if I know only half of the Torque things I should know ... :-)

+) Yes, you can select attributes from different tables in one select (checkout http://db.apache.org/torque/criteria-howto.html)

+) Outer Joins (I just checked out what this is) - you can extend Torque, you can execute
your own plain SQL queries and map them to objects, you can run a stored procedure, you can
tweak the criterias but I don't know if Torque natively supports outer joins (especially for
your database). I would assume yes

+) Yes, you can enhance Torque. The generated objects are designed to be extended by inheritance
and in some cases you can tweak the code generation mechanism Torque is using (I added some
more caching for the Torque generated code)

The problems you could have

+) What type of database are using (JDBC driver support, primary key generation)
+) When you delete records using Torque they should have a primary key

And one final point - I you use Torque setup a few JUnit tests to see if you run into any
problems .


Siegfried Goeschl

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrej Konkow [mailto:konkow@independencesoft.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 9:05 PM
To: torque-dev@db.apache.org
Subject: Questions on torque

Hi there,
I am writing you as I didn't find a clear address where I can ask some
questions about Torque.
I am a Java Architect/Developer. We have implemented a persistence layer for
a project we are working in.
At the moment I am evaluating whether we should enhance our solution or
prefer another. Some of the main
points for our decision is:
- Is it possible to select attributes from different tables in one select?
For example:
  select A.a, B.a from A, B where ...
- Is it possible to define outer joins (we need them for performance reasons
because the selects take long)?
  If not, how much effort is it to enhance torque?
The system we are working on is a large DB legacy system (about 300 tables
each ca. 30-40 attributes and not
in every case a clear foreignkey-definition)
Can you tell me whether these points are possible with Torque of not? I
haven't found an answer in the documentation.
Thanks in advance

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