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From Serge Huber <shub...@jahia.com>
Subject Re: Creating XXX-schema.xml from existing DB
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 13:09:32 GMT

I've also experienced lockups when trying to convert the Jetspeed 2 
hypersonic scripts using the sql2xml tool. Unfortunately I couldn't 
pinpoint it down so I use the following method :

1. create the HSQL database
2. use the JDBC target

This worked but did not extract all constraints such as INDEXES or UNIQUEs, 
FKs were extracted fine though.

   Serge Huber.

At 09:06 AM 3/3/2004, you wrote:
>I have a similar problem. I wrote a sql file, and used it to generate the 
>tables in the PostgreSQL database. And now I want to generate a 
>project-schema.xml with the exiting .sql file, but it failed.
>In the build-torque.xml  I have the following code:
>    name="sql2xml"
>    description="==> creates an xml schema from an sql schema">
>    <torque-sql-transform
>      inputFile="${torque.schema.dir}/schema.sql"
>      outputFile="${torque.schema.dir}/schema.xml"
>    />
>  </target>
>and I tried   ant -f build-torque.xml sql2xml , but there was alway a problem:
>C:\SEP\gogol\components\cnt>ant -f build-torque.xml sql2xml
>Buildfile: build-torque.xml
>[torque-sql-transform] Parsing SQL Schema
>[torque-sql-transform] log4j:ERROR Could not find value for key 
>[torque-sql-transform] log4j:ERROR Could not instantiate appender named 
>After that the programm stopped. What is wrong here?
>>And good day to you. :)
>>"- jdbc
>>generates an XML schema of an existing database from JDBC metadata"
>>--    From: http://db.apache.org/torque/generator/index.html
>>It's relatively easy to do but not very documented. A sample usage is
>>show in:
>>This question really belongs in the torque-user mailing list but 
>>hopefully the info above is sufficient to get you going.
>>On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 11:19, Juan Uys wrote:
>>>Good day,
>>>I would like to know if one can create an XXX-schema.xml from an 
>>>existing DB?
>>>I couldn't find anything - I just scanned all the docs.
>>>I would like to help develop such a feature. It would use the standard 
>>>JDBC API (ResultSetMetaData, etc).
>>>The utility would create the bulk of the XXX-schema.xml file, and surely 
>>>the user must go afterwards and edit the necessary bits.
>>>Let me know if you have any ideas/guidelines.
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