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From David Thexton <da...@consultants.co.nz>
Subject Patch included to fix problems with TorqueSQLTask
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:53:46 GMT

I've been trying to use Torque to write database independent schema and
data files and allow the loading of these to MySQL for development and
(soon) Oracle for production.

I've discovered (and fixed) a number of problems:

1.  Spaces were sometimes omitted (causing invalid SQL) and usually a
     few extra spaces were added too.

I noticed that someone's fix a couple of days ago partially addressed 
this, but I think I've got it a little more right.

I've adjusted the unit tests correspondingly.

2.  A default value of an empty string seemed silly.

I changed this to no default and thus null instead.  Using 
TorqueJDBCTransformTask followed by TorqueSQLTask now changes the schema 
in the database less for me (which I'd guess is better).

I've included a unified diff of my work, partly just in the hope that
these changes will be incorporated into the next release of Torque and
thus prevent me from needing custom modifications, but also in the hope
that it might help someone else.


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