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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: cvs commit: db-torque/src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/sybase db.props
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2004 10:05:22 GMT
just in case you are wondering what i'm doing here ...

i replaced the rdbms specific db.props with the new platform package ... 
this allows to write unit tests (and i already wrote some ;-)
i also try to move some logic from the velocity templates to the model 
(again to allow tests and to reduce the amount of copied stuff, e.g. 
look at the templates to generate sql .. the were copied and copied 
again and some changes were not made to all versions)

this is work in progres ... i'll do a alpha release, when the 
refactoring is finished.


mpoeschl@apache.org wrote:

>mpoeschl    2004/01/16 18:40:14
>  Removed:     src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/cloudscape db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/interbase db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/oracle db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/mssql db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/db2400 db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/mysql db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/postgresql db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/msaccess db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/sapdb db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/db2 db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/axion db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/hypersonic db.props
>               src/generator/src/templates/sql/base/sybase db.props
>  Log:
>  remove unused db.props files
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