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From "Florin Vancea" <fvan...@maxiq.ro>
Subject external-schema
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 12:20:23 GMT
Hi all,

I'm brand new to Torque list but I'd like to ask this, as I did not find any
reference in the archive:

It appears that 3.2 introduces (among other things) the <external-schema />
tag and the skipSql attribute.
As I understand them, they are handy mechanisms for making interrelated
schemas work together, removing the requirement of a single big
xxx-schema.xml. Cool.

Now, since "imported" schemas would serve strictly for reference purposes in
some usage patterns, I think that a "skipSql" attribute for the
<external-schema /> tag would be handy. This way, the actual live
*-schema.xml from dependent modules can be included but not generated into
the current project.

I don't want to "outline tasks" for anyone, but if appropriate, I could try
to dig into the source and include this feature, then post back the diffs.
Or maybe it's such a trivial task that one of the Torque code gurus will
take the time to do it sometimes in the (near) future.
Or maybe I'm talking nonsense and I should "read more, write less" :)

Just tell me what do you think.


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