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From "Chiu Yee Weay" <ywc...@paradigm.com.my>
Subject RE: Diffing XML Schemas
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:42:24 GMT

Yes, please. This is good. I suppose you are providing an ANT task for
this to be executed, right ?

Yes, again, I would like to ask for the proper procedure/criteria for us
to give our contribution to the project. As it seems no feedbacks were
given to the ideas contributed.


Chiu Yee Weay
Systems Engineer
Paradigm Systems Sdn Bhd

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From: Steve Garcia [mailto:SGarcia@qrs.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:29 PM
To: 'torque-dev@db.apache.org'
Subject: RE: Diffing XML Schemas

Hello!  About a month ago I asked (the question below) about the ability
"incrementally" update a database schema given an XML schema.  Torque
offer this feature, and I couldn't find any java-based solutions on the
after searching for some time (there are some Embarcadero tools that do
but they are expensive and do not have a Java API).

So I've decided to download the Torque Generator source (3.1) and code
this feature myself.  After some considerable headway I realized that
might be useful to other individuals as well, and I subsequently thought
about contributing my work to the Torque Generator Project.  Accordingly
want to ping the Torque-Dev group on their interest in incorporating
features.  Here is a summary of what I have added (or will complete
the next month):

1.  Given a source Torque XML schema and a target RDBMS, create only the
"sql upgrade file" and upgrade the target RDBMS to conform to the source
schema file.

This is a nice feature because it allows users to alter specific schema
objects without dropping the entire schema.  This is especially useful
you have multiple version of your schema that you are releasing to the
public, and you have to upgrade the database.  A simple use case is you
release your v1.0 product, and when you release v2.0 you just want to
upgrade the schema, export/drop/build/import the data.

Right now I'm planning on supporting changes to 
  unique constraints

I am (obviously) going to do this in a database-independent way as that
the real power of Torque.  I have also written numerous unit tests to
confirm that all of this stuff that I have done works.  This whole
essentially entails using the ALTER statement to modify database

Is this feature something that people here would be interested in?  I
appreciate your comments.  If you wish, I will explain in more detail
I've done, what classes I've modified, etc.

Thanks, Steve Garcia

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> From: Scott Eade [mailto:seade@backstagetech.com.au]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 6:39 PM
> To: Apache Torque Users List
> Subject: Re: Diffing XML Schemas
> Steve Garcia wrote:
> >I would like to use Torque to generate our SQL from an XML
> schema.  One
> >of our requirements is to upgrade existing schemas to the current
> >schema definition.  Does Torque have any tools to diff two
> Torque XML
> >Schemas and produce the resulting upgrade SQL script?  If not, are
> >there other tools that you know of that can help do this?
> >  
> >
> Torque doesn't provide for this.  I myself am unaware of other tools
> that do.
> Scott
> --
> Scott Eade
> Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd. http://www.backstagetech.com.au
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