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From Gary Shea <s...@gtsdesign.com>
Subject DatabaseMap empty except for ID_TABLE?
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 03:26:41 GMT
I'm trying to track down a problem.  I've been using Torque naively but
successfully for the last couple of months, but my first attempt to get
a little fancy has not been successful.

I'm trying to do an update using doUpdate(Criteria,Criteria,Connection)
and running into a NPE at the line:
    ColumnMap[] columnMaps = tempDbMap.getTable(tab).getColumns();

The application is using two databases ("rc4" and "summary"); at the
point of the NPE I have already successfully SELECTed from both and INSERTed
into "summary".  I tried the following test code (basically the
beginning of doUpdate()):

    DB db = Torque.getDB(poolName);
    DatabaseMap dbMap = Torque.getDatabaseMap(selectCriteria.getDbName());
    _logger.debug("DB: " + db + " DatabaseMap: " + dbMap);

    String dbMapName = dbMap.getName();
    _logger.debug("dbMapName: " + dbMapName);

    TableMap[] tableMaps = dbMap.getTables();
    for (int i = 0; i < tableMaps.length; ++i) {
        _logger.debug(i + ": " + tableMaps[i].getName());
    TableMap tableMap = dbMap.getTable(poolTable);
    _logger.debug("table name: " + poolTable + " tableMap: " + tableMap); 

For poolName set to either "rc4" or "summary", the only tableMap found
is for ID_TABLE.  Likewise, in both cases dbMap.getTable(poolTable)
returns null, hence the NPE in the Torque code.

Any hints?



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