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From Robert Dietrick <rdietr...@sega.com>
Subject village classes doing select before update
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 23:51:44 GMT
I've discovered that the village classes are doing tons of select 
statements every time I issue an update on an object.  This seems wholly 
unnecessary, and it's got my DBA barking down my throat about Oracle 
latches and the statement compilation rate skyrocketing.  I've seen 
references to this problem on the dev list, but I haven't noticed 
anything in the changelogs to suggest that it was ever officially fixed 
in a later release (I'm using 3.0).  Has anyone got any suggestions 
about how to either do away with these select statements or force them 
to be issued as PreparedStatements instead of Statements (to cut down on 
Oracle compiling the statement anew each time)?



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