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From Federico Spinazzi <f.spina...@masterhouse.it>
Subject Re: LargeSelect returning different numbers of rows. (Was: [vote] release torque-3.0.1)
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 09:58:02 GMT
Scott Eade wrote:

> Federico Spinazzi wrote:
>> - LargeSelect gives me different results on the total number of 
>> object retrieved with different parameters;
> LargeSelect doesn't know the total number of records until such time 
> as the buffer of records hits the last record.  Prior to this it just 
> indicates that more records exist than the number that have been 
> retrieved so far.  Is this the behavior you are seeing or is it 
> something else?  If you do believe there is a problem can you provide 
> a test case?
> Cheers,
> Scott
I have tried to retrieve about 37000 record from a DB2 table with large 
select because of OutOfMemory error otherwise. I gave up also because it 
was too slow.
The code is the following
        try {
            Criteria crit = new Criteria();
            LargeSelect ls = new LargeSelect(crit,
                    3000, "it.masterhouse.torque.termopoli.ArticoliPeer");
            int total = 0;
            while (ls.getNextResultsAvailable()) {
                List l = ls.getNextResults();
                total += l.size();
            System.out.println("record selected: " + total);
        } catch (Throwable t) {
(I don't mean this code make sense, I want to spot the 'bug')
Whan trying to choose the best values for pageSize and memoryPageLimit I 
discovered that many combinations gave me the correct result while a 
pageSize of 3000 ( as in the code) gives me 69000 records instead of 37187.
I can try to move the data in hsql and see if the problem is here again, 
because I' dont know another way to buil a test case ...
However, I'm just retring the failing test and I'm getting an 
OutOfMemory exception ...
Moreover, if I try with pageSize 10 and memoryPageLimit 5000 I get an 
java.util.ConcurrentModificationException ...
I think that large select, if useful, should be reworked.
As I'll need to use Torque in the future I candidate myself to help.
Can someone help me to understand how I can do that?
Thank you very much for you attention.
Federico Spinazzi

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