Hi All
Congratulations on splitting out torque-gen, even at alpha one its a killa tool.
We're using it to port one of our clients from oracle to postgres and I've come across a couple of wrinkles.
1) derives from velocity's counter-intuitive #set directive behaviour, which does NOT set the LHS if the RHS evaluates to null, so the current data/dump/Control.vm template repeats values from columns with non-null values into succeeding columns with null values.
2) strings containing single quotes arnt escaped when running the datasql task so I used String.replaceAll in the sql/load/postgresql/val.vm template. Obviously a similar fix needs to be applied for the other databases.
Ive attached diff files for the two templates :
 Control-vm.diff for torque-gen-3.1-alpha1\templates\data\dump\Control.vm and
 val-vm.dif for torque-gen-3.1-alpha1\templates\sql\load\postgresql\val.vm
 Kevin Holmes.