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From Paul Casal <emico...@yahoo.com>
Subject [SOURCE] Issue #TRQS159 - Invalid syntaxes for Hypersonic when using indexes.
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 21:12:04 GMT
You can view the issue detail at the following URL:

Type :        Defect
Issue Id :    TRQS159
Reported by: Paul Casal
             goldrimtang - (emiconde@yahoo.com)


Summary: Invalid syntaxes for Hypersonic when using indexes.
Description: This bug happens when running the 'sql' target and there is at least one index

 The last column of the generated CRAETE TABLE statement will have an extra ',' at the end
of the column definition. When this is submited, it generates a syntaxes error.


    <table name="payment_invoice_map" 
  		description="maps the many-to-many relationship between payments and invoices">
  	<column name="payment_id" required="false" type="INTEGER"/>
  	<column name="invoice_id" required="false" type="INTEGER"/>
    <index name="ix_uq_payment_invoice_map_pa_in">
    	<index-column name="payment_id"/>
    	<index-column name="invoice_id"/>

By the way, it'd be good to have Hypersonic to the list of databases for reporting bugs.
Status: New
Operating system: Windows
Priority: Undecided

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