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From Thomas Fogwill <tfogw...@csir.co.za>
Subject Re: next generator
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 09:37:23 GMT
Hi Emmanuel

This would indeed be something useful. However, since torque is now
decoupled from turbine, this is probably not the place for the turbine
screens and actions to be generated.

I am currently, together with 2 of my colleagues, integrating turbine
and torque into middlegen (http://sourceforge.net/projects/middlegen/). 

The idea is to generate the frontend code (turbine screen classes and
templates, in our case), action classes (turbine actions), and backend
classes (torque classes). 

Middlegen is quite a flexible tool - it allows one to easily write your
own plugins. We are currently also implementing an adapter plugin, which
provides the glue between your action layer and your backend/persistence
layer, allowing one to target different frontend/backend combinations
(e.g. turbine with EJB, struts with torque, turbine with torque, etc.)

Maybe this is something you could use? It is still a work in progress,
but the plugins should be in a useable state soon. 

Thomas Fogwill <tfogwill@csir.co.za>
Senior Systems Architect/Developer: ICT Programme
Information, Communication and Space Technology
Tel: +27 12 841 3155

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 20:27, Emmanuel Florent wrote:
> I think that would be nice if the torque-generator get a new task for
> generating some of the *.vm corresponding to the turbine-site/tdk
> directories. - update(delete-insert) ,list,show all or some records of
> each table - 
> If you consider that torque-generator reduce the amount of time to an
> amount equal to the language/server technologie (aka servlets) introduce
> - compared to other language knows to be easiest and cost less
> especially in smalls and very smalls projects, where the servlet
> technology have a little marketshare - enhancing the excellent torque
> generator tasks make websites change.
> That would allow the designers to start their works earlier again in the
> project lifecycle, and limitate the amount of time i spend in making
> those often the sames, reproductibles templates just after I did the tdk
> how-to, and get my project-schema.xml.
> In that case the DTD could be altered to have : 
> show
> listing
> insert
> delete
> update as supplementals attribute for a table.
> That would allow let the configuration being generated from flow
> diagrams, and so this quite  reasonnable feature become a really killing
> feat.
> Maybe that should be better to let this feature to the corps.
> - considering that the needed new rep in the template directory would
> have a strange look code - 
> Can make this code begin too complex and to get a pure .class aproach
> more reasonnable in that case ? 
> Is protecting velocity's keywords a big issue ? 
> And is anyone planning smthg about this ? 
> How would you rate this feature ?
> Please apologize for my poor english.
> Emmanuel 

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