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From Emmanuel Florent <eflor...@devaki.org>
Subject next generator
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 18:27:14 GMT
I think that would be nice if the torque-generator get a new task for
generating some of the *.vm corresponding to the turbine-site/tdk
directories. - update(delete-insert) ,list,show all or some records of
each table - 

If you consider that torque-generator reduce the amount of time to an
amount equal to the language/server technologie (aka servlets) introduce
- compared to other language knows to be easiest and cost less
especially in smalls and very smalls projects, where the servlet
technology have a little marketshare - enhancing the excellent torque
generator tasks make websites change.

That would allow the designers to start their works earlier again in the
project lifecycle, and limitate the amount of time i spend in making
those often the sames, reproductibles templates just after I did the tdk
how-to, and get my project-schema.xml.

In that case the DTD could be altered to have : 
update as supplementals attribute for a table.

That would allow let the configuration being generated from flow
diagrams, and so this quite  reasonnable feature become a really killing

Maybe that should be better to let this feature to the corps.

- considering that the needed new rep in the template directory would
have a strange look code - 
Can make this code begin too complex and to get a pure .class aproach
more reasonnable in that case ? 
Is protecting velocity's keywords a big issue ? 
And is anyone planning smthg about this ? 
How would you rate this feature ?

Please apologize for my poor english.


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