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From David Belsky <dbel...@chubb.com>
Subject [TORQUE] Issue #TRQ57 - Double content when generating of Java source
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:05:39 GMT
You can view the issue detail at the following URL:

Type :        Defect
Issue Id :    TRQ57
Reported by: David Belsky
             dbelsky - (dbelsky@chubb.com)


Platform: PC
Operating system: windows NT
Summary: Double content when generating of Java source
Description: Hi - 

When generating Java data access code using:
"ant -f build-torque.xml"
I get Java source files that each contain two copies of the class file code. That is, after
the closing brace of the class code, another copy of the code begins, right from the package
statement.  This is contained in one properly named Java file.

This process has previously worked well for me.  The source of the generation (schema.xml)
looks fine.

Anybody have a suggestion?  Thanks.


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