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From Matt Finn <mf...@bitcount.com>
Subject [SOURCE] Issue #TRQS154 - Postgres time, boolean, limit/offset issues
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 21:08:20 GMT
You can view the issue detail at the following URL:

Type :        Patch
Issue Id :    TRQS154
Reported by: Matt Finn
             mfinn - (mfinn@bitcount.com)


Platform: All
Operating system: Redhat
Summary: Postgres time, boolean, limit/offset issues
Description: I had the following problems with Postgres. I have tested the changes on postgres
7.3.2. and verified the changes should be equally compatible.

- TIME should be enclosed in single quotes
- boolean should return TRUE and FALSE instead of 0 and 1
- updated CriteriaTest for boolean patch above
- limit should be LIMIT <lim> OFFSET <off> instead of LIMIT <lim>,<off>
(Seems they dropped the ability to use a comma in 7.3, but they have always allowed OFFSET)

Status: New

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