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From Martin Nattrodt <martin.nattr...@x-root.de>
Subject AW: Configuration for different databases
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 16:51:51 GMT

I want just describe what I am doing:
We want to prepare different Database for our software. So we need some SQL
Statements for different databases. 
First we extract the schema from the database (ant -f build-torque.xml
Then I want to create statements for different databases.

Today I started to extract data and create SQL statements for the data.
There are two problems:
The one I described already (different databases needs different

The other is, that the source and target names are not always the same in
I did the following sequence:

ant -f build-torque.xml jdbc
# Then you have to rename schema.xml to YOURSCHEMA-schema.xml
ant -f build-torque.xml datadump
# Copy the data xml file from src/ to schema/ and rename it
# Change the build.properties for your target database. 
# If necessary edit sqldb.map
ant -f build-torque.xml sql
ant -f build-torque.xml insert-sql

At first time it was a little bit hard to get around with torque. At the
moment I use some scripts to do the work around. But I am looking for a easy
I think the best way is to modify the build-torque.xml file that all
databases get there own target dir.

Something like:
  +- src
  +- schema
  +- ..
  +- src
  +- schema
  +- ..


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> Von: Eric Emminger [mailto:eric@ericemminger.com]
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 4. März 2003 16:06
> An: Turbine Torque Users List
> Betreff: Re: Configuration for different databases
> Thank you, Howard, for informing me! :)
> You could request this as a new feature if you want.
> Thanks again.
> Eric
> Howard Lin wrote:
> > Torque run time supports multiple database configuration 
> but not at "generation" time. Here is the quote from that tutorial:
> > "It is worth re-iterating that these run-time properties 
> are not used by Torque when generating your object model and 
> creating your database. They are used only by the application 
> utilizing the Torque-generated object model classes at run-time."
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