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From Walt Armour <Wa...@concur.com>
Subject Torque Object type to SQL type mapping
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 23:46:47 GMT
Someone tell me if I'm just missing this...

I can't find anywhere in Torque that maps from a 'type object' to a
java.sql.Types type.

When I say 'type object' I mean the way that Torque uses empty instances of
Java objects to signify column types.

I've looked through TypeMap.java and I'm not sure where else it would be
hiding.  If there isn't one then I would like to add one to TypeMap.java
(probably using the class object for the key).  I'm aware there are a few
(2?) 1-to-many maps this way but I would just boil it down to 1-1 (Java
String -> VARCHAR, not CHAR or LONGVARCHAR).  Any comments before I put this

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